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With years of experience in the brush fencing industry, our specialists can provide an outstanding solution for your needs.

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Stunning Brush Fencing

From low level fencing to private screening, we can provide an exceptional brush fencing solution for your Adelaide property.


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Stunning Brush Fencing Solutions

With many years of experience providing high quality brush fencing services, our team at A & J Brush Repair Specialists are able to provide exceptional brush fencing solutions to properties throughout the Adelaide area.

At A & J Brush Repair Specialists we are dedicated to delivering a quality brush fencing service for the needs of your residential or commercial property in Adelaide, including installing new brush fences, repairing existing fences and extending brush fences.

Range of services provided by A & J Brush Repair Specialists:

  • New Fences
  • Repairs
  • Roll Tops
  • Insurance Work
  • Burns
  • Repack
  • Top Lifted
  • Height Extension
  • Installation Repairs

Professionally constructed brush fencing not only looks fantastic, it is also a great privacy screen for your home or business. We work with our Adelaide clients to ensure that we deliver the right brush fencing solution for their property and that the brush fencing that we professionally install is 100% to their liking.

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